Strategic Partnerships

Matrix is among the world's premier commercial fitness brands - an honour we take seriously. In the last two years alone, we've brought more innovative and unique concepts to the industry than any other brand. We're able to do this by combining a talented development team with exclusive partner relationships from within our industry and beyond; partners that excel in their fields, and, together with Matrix, are helping to reshape the fitness industry.

Virtual Active by Matrix

Virtual Active™ by Matrix

With its proprietary video production and cinematographic capabilities, Virtual Active™ has set the new standard for immersive video. Now, together with Matrix Fitness, its exclusive fitness partner, Virtual Active™ brings this technology to fitness in a way never seen before. Giving users the power to escape the monotony of an equipment-based cardio workout, Virtual Active™ by Matrix is charting new territories in exercise programming. learn more

Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix

Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix

When Johnny G, the creator of Spinning®, went searching for the right partner to share his vision for a new, inclusive fitness modality, he found Matrix. Together, we have introduced the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix - a revolutionary concept that is already bringing a renewed energy to group exercise and the entire fitness community. learn more